Claire + Nate | Engaged

Oh my goodness, where to begin with Claire and Nate, I don't even know!! These two are the most joyful and lovely people you have ever met, and their love for each other was literally bursting through EVERY PHOTO. We started our morning off at Spyhouse to actually meet one another and chat a bit before beginning our session. They shared their story, and they opened up their hearts and gosh, I feel like we go way back already! We then ventured to one of my favorite parks, and is seriously in my top two after this session because the colors there in the fall were truly some of the most beautiful I've seen all year. Minnesota did good this fall, yes?! I think we spent about 3 hours at the park, chatting, snapping photos and having a blast. I couldn't be more thrilled to share all the beautiful moments we caught that morning with you all, and I REALLY can't wait to be part of their wedding next summer!!