BJ + Lexi | Proposal

Exactly one week ago, I landed in Minneapolis after a 36+ hour travel home from Italy. And exactly one week ago, BJ and Lexi got engaged downtown Minneapolis. My flights home were delayed and I almost feared I wasn't going to make it in time, but GOSH, I am so glad I did!! BJ had been planning this night for weeks...months even, and Lexi was 100% shocked and it was amazing. BJ was in my friend's band The Sota Boys, and he's been known to lay down a sick beat now and then (meaning all the time) he grabbed a few friends Lexi hadn't met before and pretended to run into a few guys playing music in the park. He asked if he could have a little fun with them, add a verse or two and have Lexi nearby to hear what he had to say (which happened to be all about her, which it might have taken her to fully grasp until BJ got down on one knee!!). It was seriously so much fun to sneakily be in the background and capture the real moment and emotion between these two...seriously so sweet and nothing more genuine than that, and I'm so glad BJ wanted to include me on such a memorable night for them. We took a few minutes to walk around the Stone Arch for a few celebratory photos before he surprised her AGAIN with a party at his parents house with all their closest family and friends. Beej, ya did good. Ya did reeaaal good. So so happy for you two, for your future together, and praying many blessings upon you as you beginning planning and prepping for your life together!!