Amanda + Giacomo | Italy | 6.7.15

Aye aye aye where to even BEGIN with this post!? How do you say, "This was one of the most incredible opportunities I've been given, with an amazing couple who put on an amazing wedding weekend for their family and friends, and I got to see some of the most beautiful places I've ever been!" in Italian?!

Boom. Nailed it. Alright, just sit back and relax for a few minutes while I tell you a little bit about Amanda and Giacomo and their stunning wedding weekend in Umbria, Italy. ITALY. I was fortunate enough to be able able to travel 10 days prior to the wedding, which in itself would have to be a completely separate post, but my goodness it was an experience of a lifetime. 

I arrived in Umbria Friday afternoon with my sister, her husband Brian, and son their son Parker (who you will see throughout this post) and we were completely blown away by the welcome dinner put on be Amanda and Giacomo at San Pietro a Pettine in the town of Trevi...where most of the wedding weekend festivities would take place. San Pietro is a truffle farm where Giacomo, who is a truffle chef and importer, imports his truffles from. From that, I hope you can imagine how amazing the food and beverage was throughout the entire weekend. Truffle fresh from the ground? Yeah. Really good. Truffle on bruschetta? Really good. Truffle in ravioli? REALLY GOOD. (Also note that the groom has his own bottle of truffle olive oil with his FACE on the label...amazing.) They hosted an amazing truffle-themed dinner for all of their 90 close family members and friends who traveled near and far to celebrate this sweet couple, and it was unreal. There are no words to describe the love and gratitude I witnessed from the couple to their guests as they greeted each individual with an enormous hug, conversation and of course a glass (or two) of wine. They were absolutely amazing hosts, and I feel like I learned so much about the importance of making each guest feel loved, appreciated and welcome. 

They created a weekend of activities for their guests to enjoy, since this was an area most people probably hadn't traveled to before. Saturday was lined up with truffle hunting on the farm, as well as visits to the local historic towns of Spello and Assisi. The towns were unlike any city I had visited previously and were so pleasant and was sweet to experience this with their guests and my sister! Then of course, they had an amazing rehearsal dinner with everyone Saturday evening which was just a great way to celebrate the night before their beautiful day. 

SO THAT BEAUTIFUL DAY. Let's talk about that. What a day. Amanda and Giacomo chose not to see each other until the ceremony, so I swapped back and forth through the morning and early afternoon with each of them and their close friends/family and had a blast. The property had a pool, so obviously the guys were able to relax and enjoy the sun for a bit before they had to get ready for the day, all the while over in the girls suite, Amanda and her gals prepped and beautified. They were both so calm throughout the whole morning, it was so great to just photograph them as they got ready for their sweet ceremony. As you'll see in the photos, the church was very small, so their immediate family members were inside, while most of the other guests sat outside the church and watched a projector of what was happening inside. Kinda cool, yeah?! It was so sweet to be in the midst of the intimate ceremony and be able to make my way inside and out throughout the whole thing! They then had an amazing cocktail hour, but I have to say my favorite part of the entire day, which will be pretty obvious in the photos, was when the reception began and the bride and groom were pulled on the dance floor by one of their close friends and a huge dance party began...way before the dance was set to start and dinner had been served. It. was. incredible. I just looooove the photos and how the two are looking at each other and how sweet they are together. It was another amazing meal served, and above all an incredible day in celebration of Amanda and Giacomo.

It was hard to begin writing this post, and now I'm uncertain how to end it, but I just have to say this weekend will be one I never forget and am so thankful Amanda and Giacomo chose me to capture it all for them. Such an honor, and such a sweet experience...truly amazing! At this point, I'll let you dive into the photos and let you see just how beautiful this place and this weekend was!! 

The Wedding Day