Holly + Lars | 12.5.15

It's to exactly say where the 2015 season went, and by the time December came, I couldn't believe it was already time to photograph Holly + Lars' wedding. I met Holly a few years back when I was working at a marketing agency downtown. She's spunky, she's sassy, she's extremely creative and above all, she's a good friend. When we connected on working together for her wedding, I was screaming with excitement inside because I knew the day would be stunning. Little did I know, it went way beyond that, and it brought my "very tired 2015 season self" back to life. Photographing the love between Holly and Lars was a true joy...the kind of people who dance when I say "walk" and the sweetness of crying together, wiping away tears, and screaming with pure joy at the excitement of marrying one another (all of which you will see in this post!). I just can't wait for y'all to get a glimpse into their day and witness just how perfect these two are for one another!