Holly + Korey | 12.19.15

The story of Holly and Korey is pretty simple, really. They met a year ago, fell in love, and got hitched. As Korey's Uncle Dan shared with us all the night before the wedding...God works for good in all things and His timing is perfect, and though their story unfolded "quickly," they came together right when they were supposed to...any earlier just wouldn't have made sense in His plan for both of their lives. It was the perfect way to kick off their wedding weekend up in Lutsen, MN. 

To really put into words the wedding of Korey and Holly is almost impossible. It's not often that I can post a wedding and say, "The photos speak for themselves," but as I put this post together, I was laughing, crying, smiling (basically any joyful emotion could be listed) as every photo brought back a feeling and specific moment that really tells the story of their day and the friends and family that were there to celebrate the two of them.  62 of them specifically. It was one of the most intimate weekends and weddings I've experienced, and count it an incredible privilege and honor that these two wanted me to capture their day. What was so cool was that all of us friends and their families (it should be noted Kor is a close friend of mine from college) were able to contribute to weekend in some form. Ranging from photos, to flowers, to food, to set up, to performing the ceremony, to dj'ing, etc. etc. it was such a bittersweet thing to see it all come together from people who know and love these two so sweetly. The two were married down by the lake, followed by the coziest of all receptions up in the cabin which was transformed into an amazing winter wonderland. Like...kinda perfect.

I've always loved the idea behind a marriage being two individuals who are so great independently, but together are even better, and Kor and Hol exemplify that so much. From their first look to their exit, every moment and every emotion was so full of life and joy, and their love for one another is, in the best way, so obvious and contagious. I'm not usually a sappy writer, or blog-poster, but seriously my favorite moments and photos from the way are when they literally melting into each others arms...which I can confidently say is about every other photo...but they just get me!! Not to mention, the two were ABSOLUTELY. STUNNING. From head to toe, wouldn't ya say? Every accessory Holly had was perfect, from her Sorel boots and plaid leggings, to her top changes and flower crown...I was going bonkers over how beautiful everything was! (It should also be noted that no matter what mood or life experience I'm going through, being up in Lutsen just always triumphs and puts me in the best mood...so one could say a wedding of friends up there had my emotions through the roof!) Korey was as dapper as ever, and the two of them in this setting was all the heart eye emoji's one could put together. 

Believe it or not, I actually do want you to see the photos from this wedding, so before this turns into a total novel, I'll wrap this thing up! I couldn't have asked for a more amazing wedding to be part of and wrap my 2015 season up with. My heart is full for these two, and for the perfect plan God has in bringing them together. Their journey will be an adventure and I'm so honored I got to capture it at the very start!! Without further ado, I present...the Leafblads!!