Loom Curated | Make + Stow

Okay, so I get that I'm a broken record these days about film, but guys...I unfortunately can't apologize because I really, truly feel like it's been something I've been destined to do as a photographer and I am so excited about where it's taking me. This session below from my time in the Catskills at the Loom Workshop was the VERY FIRST session I shot with film. I was sweating, I was anxious and had absolutely ZERO clue as to how it would turn out. Essentially shooting blind. But my goodness....the results it yielded exceeded all my expectations, and though there's of course room for improvement...I could not be more encouraged by the scans I got back or more inspired to keep shooting film....it's just magical and I love it! This specific shoot was for the beautiful company Make & Stow and their stunning cutting boards and serving dishes. Enjoy and be inspired to cook up something yummy. Just do it.