Greta + Greg | St. Paul Backyard Wedding

Well if this wasn't the backyard wedding George Bank's dreams are made of, I don't know what is! Since day one with Greta + Greg, I knew this experience of capturing this time for them would be nothing short of memorable. We took their engagement photos in her parents backyard, as it would be foreshadowing their wedding day where they would be married in front of the tree Greta's parents planted for her when she was born. YEAH. CUE THE TEARS. Their wedding day was the perfect September day, and I'm not sure I could've dreamed up something better. Teaming up with Sarah from Last Impressions Weddings and Melissa from Sadies was an honor, and the day was full of so much joy and love, I was overflowing when I got home that night. I can't wait to share, so without further's to Greta + Greg!!