The Marcantonios | Antigua, Guatemala Wedding

Sitting here trying to put the words together for Jess + Tim's wedding in Antigua, Guatemala and I'm pretty much at a total loss. I know, I know...kind of cliche to say, but when you are given the opportunity to travel to such a beautiful destination, with such a genuine and beautiful couple with all of their AMAZING family and feel completely honored and humbled to be included in such a celebration. AKA: keeping this entry short and sweet may not be possible :) 

I was down in Antigua for five days...I stayed at the hotel with their family and friends, participated in all the wedding festivities, hiked a volcano (Pacaya), and got to see the beautiful Lake Atitlan. What was so special about this wedding experience was that it is where Jess lived when she was born, where some of her family still lives, and where her heart is. To see her be able to share this country with so many people she loves so much was such a sweet thing to witness, and I'll always remember all the love and joy lived out in these short days. 

Their wedding day could not have been more beautiful. From the sun shining, to their vows exchanged, to the amazing dance was all pretty incredible. The love these two share for each other is inspiring, and how they share that with their family and friends is so beautiful. I hope you get a little taste of who these two are, and that you especially get a taste of how beautiful the country of Guatemala lush and colorful...add it to your list of places to is an absolute must!! I will never forget my time there with Jess + Tim who let me in this trip like family, and I will always be so grateful for opportunities like this to travel and work with such incredible couples!!