Wagenbachs | Chicago Lifestyle

This session was extra special, because this family is family to my sister and HER family, down in Chicago. Are you following?! Siv is my sister's best friend, and reached out during one of my visits for some family photos (and some Christmas photos, which you will see at the end!). Having a full and energetic family of five, she thought it would be fun to get them in their jammies doing what they do, just hanging out being themselves! It was SO much fun, full of so many goofy and real moments. This is what I love to do...to not have an agenda behind a photo shoot, but to just photograph families as they genuinely are. To capture the authenticity in their love for each other, and the joy in this moment. I love the idea that these photos will be something this family looks back on and remembers as their truest selves!!! Love you, Wagenbachs! xxoo