The Kirschmanns | Crosby Newborn

This is one of those sessions where I really, truly feel like I don't have many words. After a full 2016 season, I'm in a period of much need quiet and rest, with occasional sessions here and there. To be honest, I was feeling pretty dried up from the 27 weddings I had last year, BUT this session really brought me back to life and I experienced such a high afterwards...witnessing the love Keely and Marc had for Crosby and photographing them in their beautiful was amazing. I got to hear them say to him over and over again how much they loved him and how much joy he has brought to their life. I got to share with Keely the importance of my mom, and how much I value photos of her and me since she passed away...and then we were both crying, and then it was like an "aha!" moment that that is one of the main reasons I have really loved photographing newborns. There is nothing like a mother and father's love for their children, and being able to witness and capture it is such an incredible honor.