A Day in the Life of the Clark Family

These full day family sessions are quickly becoming one of my favorite things. There is nothing like being welcomed into a home, and being---what quite honestly feels like part of the family :) I spent the day with the Clark family, with twins Norah and Griffin and their new(ish) baby brother Theo. It was SUCH a fun day filled with french toast, trips to the library, science experiments, being super rad with dad, and a visit from their aunt Kiki! 

My favorite part of these days is connecting with the moms and dads and hearing about their journey into parenthood and family life. I hear about (and experience!!) the crazy days, but most of all I hear about how much love is filled in these homes, and I get to witness it first hand. I love being about to capture times like this, and to be able to provide a window into this period of their life for them to look back on and remember, and to be able to not only tell, but show their kids stories of who they were and what they loved, not just what they looked like at that age.

Rachel and Ryan have created a beautiful family, and I am thrilled to share a peek into their daily lives with y'all today!!