A Day in the Life of the Donnelly Family

This is such a sweet blog post for me, because it is my very first full day family session with Danica and her sweet boys. Danica is a fellow friend and talented family photographer, and actually a huge inspiration to me in starting to explore these full day sessions. 

I was warmly welcomed into her home a few weeks back when the sun was shining, and got to hang out with her, her sister, her two boys (Oliver and new baby Skylar) and her husband, David. It was an AMAZING day. It was such a different experience just "hanging" out and truly not giving any direction or instruction...and I absolutely loved it. My heart and desire behind these sessions is to photograph your family authentically and true to you who you...messy spills and all. With the Donnellys, I loved every in between moment, every hug, every snuggle...the moments I couldn't create or re-create if I tried...it was so unique to release control and let the day happen. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm still about a "normal" family session and will joyfully continue to shoot those, but how often is that experience just a little more stressful when you're trying to make sure your kids are happy and smiling?! I found with this full day session, the little kiddos were happy in their own environment, and the little moments of Oliver playing and exploring, interacting with his brother, mom, aunt and dad tell such a sweet story of who he truly is, and who the family is together and I loved it!! 

Okay, end rant. I hope you love these images, and I would love to connect with you if this is something you are interested in!! Thank you again, to Danica and her family for inviting me into their home!