A Day in the Life of the Schelitzche Family

I couldn't love my job more for the sweet people it connects me to. I had never met Jess, but when I walked in her house at 7am a few Mondays ago, it felt like we'd been friends for years and were just catching up on life. Her and her husband Jessie let me into their home to capture a day with the two of them and their sweet girls and it was the best. From walking to Caribou, rolling around town on their scooters, playing in the backyard, running in the sprinklers, making campfire s'mores...you could say it was a great day. Nap time brought sweet conversation with Jess as she shared how much she loves being a mom, and I shared how much I loved my mom...there were tears and it was the best and I was once again affirmed that photographing people in this stage of life is such a gift to be able to give these families. To be able to see how much the kids are loved by their mom and dad is the best thing I could give them!!