The Barkeys | In-Home Session

I met Brent as a freshman in college, and then he introduced me to his wife Andra a few years ago, as we were both entrepreneurs in the creative world. She and her business partner/best friend are the beauties behind With Grace and Gold, and do INCREDIBLE AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL work. You must check them out! Oh yeah, Brent is pretty cool too :) Just won the showcase showdown on the Price is Right, and is the morning show producer at Cities97. YEAH, MY FRIENDS ARE COOL, OKAY!? 

The invited me over a few weeks ago to capture them in their brand new home, for their third year anniversary session. Needless to say, it was amazing and perfect. When you go to a session at 3 and leave at 8 because you spent most of the time chatting, happened to take some pics here and there, and ordered Chinese for dinner...THAT’S when you know it’s been a good one. I am so appreciate for sessions like this, for friends like Brent and Andra, and for the ability to capture such sweet milestones to have to look back on forever. Cheers to pillows on the floor, paint samples on the wall, and one heck of a time with The Barkeys!!